6D Helmets now available in South Africa / Africa

03 October, 2014 1 comments Leave a comment

Ace Sports is proud to be the sole distributor of 6D Helmets in South Africa / Africa. 

Today, helmet technology is stagnant... Multi-density EPS is about all we’ve gotten over many, many years of development... maybe some larger shells, more foam, but that alone will not improve the helmet to the level that our athletes need and deserve.

The more we studied the problems, the testing methodologies, and learned about head injury, the more we realized it would require a very creative and completely new approach to build a truly improved helmet. The helmet would need to manage critical angular acceleration issues present in all impacts, as well as reduce low-threshold energy transfer to the brain. We need a softer, more compliant helmet design, but without compromising high-energy performance.

This became our challenge and our goal: to develop a revolutionary design concept utilizing creative, forward-thinking technology that would change the market and improve the safety capabilities of the sport’s helmet.

The 6D ATR-1 off-road helmet incorporates revolutionary Omni-Directional Suspension™ ( ODS™) technology which is a patent-pending kinetic energy management solution. 

ODS™ is designed to protect your brain over a broader range of impact energy; particularly low–threshold energy prevalent in most accidents. Low-threshold impact energy is the primary cause of concussion and second impact syndrome*. Independent laboratory testing also confirms a significant reduction in angular acceleration with ODS™. Angular acceleration is the primary cause of rotational brain injury, which is a potentially deadly and life-changing impairment.

The improved performance of 6D’s exclusive ODS™ technology can reduce the likelihood and propensity of concussion over traditional helmet designs. Although no helmet can protect you from all potential impacts or
injury, the 6D ATR-1 was engineered to provide active free-motion capability within the helmet’s protective 
lr land exceed current relevant helmet standards.

Helmets available in youth and adult sizes. Contact us for more information.

Downhill Mountain biking helmets also available.

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  1. Cindy brand September 13, 2016

    Do you have mTb downhill/full face helmets? With the new technology ods. . If so where can we get them from, I have two young boys 11 and 13 and my husband whom I am interested in getting them for. What is the price of your helmets. We line in Natal. Many thanks Cindy

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