HELITE Motorcycle Airbag Technology

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We have been asked by many riders about the newly developed electronic airbag systems that are being released by motorcycle apparel companies. We urge all riders to do their research when choosing the right airbag system for you. Make sure the response time for triggering is less than 80 milliseconds or less. The amount of protection that the airbag offers is another very important thing to take a look at. Many new airbag systems do nothing to immobilize the head and neck in a crash. After the importance of the airbag shape, is airbag pressure. The optimum pressure for absorbing a forceful impact is 200 mBar. Helite has spent years researching the best airbag shape and perfect pressure to keep a rider from serious injury. They know that the lower torso is a vulnerable part of the body, and we make sure the Helite airbag is designed to protect it. Helite is the only airbag company that equips each airbag with Helite Turtle Technology. 

Helite has wireless systems being used in Olympic skiing suits, the elderly hip protectors, and more. We firmly believe that the mechanical system is the most reliable for motorcyclists and has the least amount of maintenance. No battery to charge every night and no electronics to turn on before each ride. 

Find a reset procedure that works for you. Mechanical systems reset with a CO2 cartridge anywhere. Most electronic systems have to be reset by the manufacturer and it is a costly process. 

Practical, lightweight and discreet, the Helite Vests and Jackets can save a rider from serious injuries. The Helite products guarantee the most optimum protection without sacrificing comfort. HELITE airbag protection can be worn by a rider, as well as a passenger, no matter if you ride a motorcycle, scooter, or ATV. Turtle Technology is a new airbag innovation from Helite. The highest level of safety for motorcyclists.


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