Alpinestars - A1 Roost Guard


Alpinestars - A1 Roost Guard Alpinestars - A1 Roost Guard Alpinestars - A1 Roost Guard

Alpinestars - A1 Roost Guard


R 1,999.00 

An ultra-lightweight and comfortable strap vest offering high levels of upper body protection that is CE certified (front guard) against impacts and roost the A-1 Roost Guard incorporates an innovative strap closure system for quick, easy and tight securing fit. The A-1 is versatile and modular, allowing the back protector to be removed for a highly customized fit.


• Front and back hard shell guards constructed from a performance poly-material blend for optimized flexibility and excellent weight saving. Front shell guard is CE certified to EN 14021.

• Shells are perforated for maximum breathability and cooling ventilation, perfect for those hot dusty track rides.

•Soft and lightweight bio-foam padded throughout chassis for maximum comfort and fit.


• Removable upper back padded panel enables perfect fitting of BNS neck support.

• Soft touch BNS puller for easy and safe engagement of the BNS.

• Removable and adjustable shoulder pads for size regulation with integrated BNS puller.

• Adjustable kidney elastic strap closure system with newly designed, quick and easy-to-use buckle.

• New guard closure means one size fits a broad range of rider body types.

• Innovative integrated Y-strap system for modular use of back protector with fast and convenient mounting.