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Robust, virtually indestructible and will never let you down. The Jiko liquid fuel stove is a lifelong companion for passionate adventurers or on expeditions. The stove is designed for ease of use and is maintenance free.

Compact small ingenious design takes up minimal space in backpacks. Versatile as well as strong, the Jiko Liquid can support large pots when entertaining more people.


  • Stainless steel supports capable of carrying over 100kg. Electro-polished feet supports will ensure a lifetime shine.
  • Brass burner incorporates a flame regulator plate and is perfect when needing to simmer. Keep food warm even big pots.
  • Unlike gas stoves the Jiko Liquid burner works even at severe cold ( below -10 degrees Celsius)
  • Versatile: Perfect for caravans, holiday homes and 4x4's to keep cast iron pots hot. Stove can accommodate pots over 30cm DIA
  • Burner cap incorporate a rubber seal and is leak-proof.
  • Compact feet fold up flat and can be packed into most pots. 
  • Burn time around 25 minutes on a 3-quarter fill. Takes 10-15 minutes to boil 1 Liter water.
  • Carry bag is made from waterproof fabric and is rot, mould and UV resistant.
  • Safety features: Support have a broad foot print for maximum stability.
  • Low cost ownership: The fuel is relatively cheap and with no working parts to weat out the stove will last a lifetime. 
  • Perfect for light weight travellers and international travellers. Take one stove for 4 person cooking. 
  • Personalise your stove and add cooking products that suite your needs. 
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Total package weight 370grams. 
  • 80mm H x 150mm W when assembled. 
  • 120mm W x 250mm L x 70mm H packed in carry bag.
  • Fuel: Methylated spirit, Gel or Solid fuels.

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