Atlas - Prodigy Neck Brace (Youth)


Atlas - Prodigy Neck Brace (Youth) Atlas - Prodigy Neck Brace (Youth) Atlas - Prodigy Neck Brace (Youth)

Atlas - Prodigy Neck Brace (Youth)


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Atlas provides the top motocross riders with some of the best neck braces on the market, and is dedicated to keeping riders of all ages safe with their extensive line of motocross neck braces. These braces are available for youth riders and incorporate the same protective engineering and design as the ones for adults, but in a smaller and lighter package. The ATLAS - PRODIGY NECK BRACE (YOUNG TEENS), is a lab tested neck brace that goes through rigorous tests by Dynamic Research Inc. to ensure these youth motocross neck braces exceed the standards of not only Atlas, but the scientists who are conducting the studies. The ATLAS - PRODIGY NECK BRACE (YOUNG TEENS) is proven by a group of specialized scientists, who are also motocross enthusiasts, to reduce the torsional and compressional forces that one’s head and neck will endeavor during a crash. This motocross neck brace is designed to deviate and dissipate the forces of impact away from the spin other parts of the body before they transferred throughout the riders body and create serious injuries. This specific type of The ATLAS - PRODIGY NECK BRACE (YOUNG TEENS) is not only created for the younger teens, it is also a perfect fit for women who cannot find a neck brace that properly fits them. The youth motocross neck braces designed by Atlas are engineered with a split-flex frame that mimics your natural body movement for maximum comfort, and has a new sleek and smaller design that makes 27% more body contact than other neck braces. The increased body contact that the ATLAS - PRODIGY NECK BRACE (YOUNG TEENS) makes increases the neck braces ability to do its job and alleviate the rider's pain and potential risks of injury. 


  • Ultra flexible polymer construction
  • Purpose built for youth/teens/small women
  • Split-flex frame to promote mobility
  • Sits around the spine and sternum
  • 300mm of chest suspension
  • 27% more body contact vs competition
  • Easy Open release system 
  • Smart mounts - 6 possible adjustments
  • Youth Hybrid strap - comfort + versatility
  • Weightless 590g (1.3 lbs) minimalist design
  • Available in one size
  •  In the box: Prodigy brace, youth Hybrid strap, quick start guide, tape measure, sticker sheet