Garmin - eTrex Touch 35

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Garmin family navigator that’s easy and fun to use, with touchscreen and altimeter

  • Optimised for multiple activities – just select and go! 
  • Bright 2.6’’ colour capacitive touchscreen 
  • Barometric altimeter and 3-axis tilt-compensated compass 
  • Download recreational tracks and routes to follow 
  • ANT+ sensor support and Smartphone Notifications 

eTrex Touch 35 is the new family navigator for outdoor activities and alpine adventures, ideal for everyone that likes to dip their toes into the great outdoors - from casual cyclists and hikers to geocaching newbies.

eTrex has been the world’s most popular and successful recreational GPS series for the past 15 years. eTrex Touch 35 is its newest member, that is now easier and more convenient to use than ever. With additional altimeter, it also supports activities like hiking, mountain biking and geocaching and comes pre-loaded with 250,000 geocaches for endless fun outdoors.

All ready and set to ride

eTrex Touch 35 holds no one back, it’s everything you need to get out there and experience the outdoors at every opportunity. Not only is it designed to enhance whatever activity you fancy, but it comes fully prepared for you to take it straight out the box and get going.
By adding a cycling mount (sold separately), the eTrex Touch 35 is particularly appealing to recreational cyclists, who can easily attach the device to their handlebars.
With a large 8 GB internal memory and a microSD slot, there’s plenty of room for additional mapping, such as the Garmin Southern Africa Topo Pro or Marine maps.

Adventures unearthed and shared

Don’t have a specific destination or route in mind? Search for recommended adventures on Garmin Connect or Garmin Adventures, and see routes and geocaches that others have completed. Then download them to eTrex Touch 35 ready for your next adventure. Or create and customise a completely new route to download to your device.
The device is fully rugged, IPX7 water-rated and has a scratch-resistant screen. The long 16 hour battery life and field-replaceable standard AA batteries guarantee flexibility when you’re on the go.
eTrex Touch 35 also provides all of the classic eTrex Touch 35 features like hunting and fishing information, sport watch, sun and moon calendar, sunrise and sunset data and much more.

Compact and versatile companion

The handy device fits easily into a pocket or on a handlebar. It’s also designed to be a size that allows kids to easily handle it too. Using the spine mount mounting system, eTrex Touch 35 can be mounted pretty much anywhere with specialised mounts for boats, cars, backpacks etc.

Stay connected

eTrex Touch 35 lets you share your waypoints, tracks, routes and geocaches wirelessly, through unit-to-unit sharing with compatible Garmin devices. With the smart notification feature, you’ll never miss a text, email or notification from your compatible smartphone, unless you want to.
eTrex Touch 35 also supports Live Track which allows your friends and family to follow your activities in real time. Invite followers, via email or social media, to track your activity and location on Garmin Connect.


  • eTrex Touch 35
  • USB cable
  • Documentation

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