Goldentyre - GT216HBN Enduro Rear Tyre


Goldentyre - GT216HBN Enduro Rear Tyre Goldentyre - GT216HBN Enduro Rear Tyre

Goldentyre - GT216HBN Enduro Rear Tyre


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GT 216 – WGT 216 is the latest development of the rear FIM approved enduro tyre. The sturdy and flexible carcass guarantees great traction in all typical racing enduro situations.

  • FIM approved and road legal
  • Enduro rear tyre
  • The sturdy, flexible carcass guarantees best traction in all situations typical in enduro 

Paul Bolton's verdict… "A great all round rear tyre. Suitable for hare and hounds, traditional enduro, green laning, trail riding and if paired with a soft mousse it's suitable for hard enduro too."

Mousse options...

You have different options, based on what you want to use the HBN for:

Mefo MOM 18-1 for hare and hounds or more hard pack riding (like special tests, sand, forest or fire roads), to make the nobbles stand tall. (A perfect set up for the Erzberg Iron Road Prologue)

Mefo MOM 18-1ex or Mefo MOM 18-0 for muddy hard enduro to help the tyre squash to create a bigger footprint. Both of these mousses give a similar feel. The Mom 18-0 is slightly smaller and the Mom18-1ex is bigger but a soft extreme compound.

Goldentyre 130 Factory G mousse is also an option with the HBN.