Goldentyre - Mousses


Goldentyre - Mousses Goldentyre - Mousses Goldentyre - Mousses

Goldentyre - Mousses


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G-Mousses are the result of 1 year development, researches and testing achieved by Goldentyre. They provide better performances and long lasting. They are made of the latest generation of polymers and outcame from a new production system.

Upon the rich experience of our technicians collected on highest level in Extreme Enduro sport Mousse X product is processed by hand finishing work based on the standard mousse. The holes and the cross section are made with specially designed tools by hand. The MousseX was developed for use of top riders racing in various supported factory teams. It is specifically designed and provided to be used along with Goldentyre GT216X, GT523X, GT523KX and GT369X. The Mousse 120X was deliberately chosen as a base to be used properly inside the FIM rear dimension 140/80-18. The 110X, specifically designed for MX, for maximum traction on hard pack. Use it with GT 232N Mousse being an important part of the wheel / tyre combination and it´s use along with Goldentyre Extreme Enduro rear tires provides maximum traction and amazing grip. The MousseX is refined handmade and produced in small numbers only. Therefore we point out that there is very limited market availability only.