Gaerne - GP-1 Evo Boots

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The all-new GP1, the latest product from Gaerne’s research and development centre, is the ultimate racing boot! Close collaboration with Champions, technological innovation, attention to detail and comfort, Italian styling and fifty years of passion and experience characterize all Gaerne products.

  • GAERNE FLOATING SYSTEM: The unique Gaerne Floating System, made of carbon composite, allows the foot to move naturally and prevents ankle twisting without compromising flexibility. At the back of the boot, and fixed at two points, it runs inside two slots that limit movement in both directions preventing hyper extension or compression. External polyurethane protectors minimise the impact of a fall and facilitate sliding.
  • SHOCK ABSORBING HEEL CUP:  Non-deformable polyurethane heel cup is protected by a replaceable low-friction magnesium slider. Anti-shock heel features an internal comfort-enhancing decompression zone, located between the insole and sole; the inserts are highlighted externally in red.
  • ADJUSTABLE CALF CLOSURE SYSTEM:  Adjustable and replaceable BOA IP1 reel enables a custom-fit around the calf area.
  • SLIDER:  High- wear-resistant magnesium toe slider allows for totally free foot movement. Attachment points are well away from the areas that normally suffer from abrasion.
  • FRONT SHIN PLATE:  Made of PU and anatomically shaped, it is easily replaceable via two screws. The nylon front slider is also interchangeable.
  • CLOSURE SYSTEM : The internal zip is protected by a rubber strip. An elastic insert in the ankle area facilitates the closure of the boot.
  • UPPER PART : Made of Lorica, a supple, comfortable and breathable high-tech material. Elasticised instep with polyurethane inserts ensure a snug fit and a high level of comfort and durability.
  • GAITOR: Air-vented polyurethane collar is resistant to heat and fits the calf perfectly.
  • GRIP GUARD: Two rubber inserts (inner calf and heel) provide additional grip and protect the leg from engine/exhaust heat.
  • SOLE:  Variable density, oil and wear-resistant, rubber sole features a unique design that provides excellent grip.
  • INNER SOLE: Fully removable and washable anatomically designed foot-bed ensures even weight distribution and provides full support to all parts of the foot. The heel is reinforced with a special shock absorbing material and the toe-area is perforated for improved air flow.
  • SHIFTER PROTECTION: Anatomically shaped polyurethane protector provides maximum feel when gear-shifting and additional toe protection.
  • INNER LINING: Antibacterial and breathable pre-shaped inner lining for enhanced comfort and fit at shin, ankle and heel areas.

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