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Just 1 - J12 Flame Helmet

Just 1 - J12 Flame Helmet

Just 1

R 5,395.00 

The Just 1 J12 carbon helmet was developed with the primary goal of safety and comfort for the rider.  Utilizing a full Carbon fiber shell for high rigidity/reduced weight and a forward thinking design that incorporates Just 1’s exclusive N.B.F.F. (Neck Brace Front Fit) that fits an entire neck brace in to the lower profile of the shell, Just 1 is on the leading edge of the next generation of motocross helmets. A protective internal polystyrene foam shell protects riders head from impacts. Aggressive styling with multiple air vents throughout the helmet pulls in and extracts air to keep riders cool. Safety features such as removable emergency cheek pads – J.1.E.R (JUST 1 Emergency Remove) and ECE 22/05 rating ensures the Just 1 J12 carbon is your helmet of choice.


  • 2 sizes external shell full Carbon fiber high rigidity
  • Anatomical structure with the exclusive “N.B.F.F.” system (Neck Brace Front Fit)
  • Removable and washable inner lining, highly breathable fabrics and hygienically treated
  • Removable cheek pads with the “J.1.E.R.” (JUST 1 Emergency Remove)
  • Inside chin guard with air vents
  • Protective internal polystyrene foam shell with air channels
  • Multiple air vents with anti-intrusion aluminum nets
  • Multiple top and rear air extractors
  • Adjustable peak with air vents
  • Double-D retention system
  • Homologated ECE 22/05
  • Weight: 1.100gr +/- 50gr
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