POD - K4 2.0 AC9 Limited Edition Knee Brace

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Pod Active have collaborated with team rider Adam Cianciarulo for a new take on the tried and tested monochromatic K4 2.0 knee brace.

The new K4 AC9 LE boasts vibrant pops of color and dynamic graphical treatment inspired by ACs love of the Californian pop punk scene, while still featuring the unprecedented strength and performance of the original K4 2.0 brace.

Covered with flecks of vivid color and playful, quirky graphics, the K4 AC9 LE brace draws inspiration from the pop punk music scene of the late 90s and early 2000s. That scene had a strong crossover with the board sports and moto lifestyles and the artwork pays homage to the graphical direction of album artwork, tour posters and merch from the time.

  • Impact Modified Lightweight Composite frame
  • Human Motion® hinges with Synthetic Ligaments™ engineered from Vectran Fibres™(5X stronger than steel) provide progressive, multidirectional motion control.
  • Patented technology is proven to reduce risk of knee injuries.
  • New POD Hinge Housing provides smooth contact surface against your knee avoiding abrasion for greater comfort, performance & reliability.
  • Easily removable impact guards are CE impact tested & certified.
  • Adaptive Cuffs designed to conform to various leg shapes while adapting to muscle movement.
  • Certified as a medical device to help prevent leg and knee injuries such as ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL, Rotary and Combined instabilities.
  • Antimicrobial Frame liners enhance comfort and reduce odour.
  • New Quick-Loc Clip System & low profile interior straps anchor the brace to your leg quicker and easier.
  • POD’s simple modular design allows you to replace worn liners & straps, rebuild the hinge system and replace damaged impact guards.

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