Shark - Sharktooth Prime


Shark - Sharktooth Prime Shark - Sharktooth Prime

Shark - Sharktooth Prime


R 2,599.00 

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Shark Sharktooth Prime, high definition wireless motorcycle helmet entertainment system.

Shark Sharktooth Prime is an evolution of the Sharktooth. It keeps you connected to your Bluetooth® hands-free equipment while riding a motorcycle.

Sharktooth Prime now comes with Bluetooth® 3 protocol for better connection capabilities and a DSP processor for noise cancelling and high definition sound.

You can listen to music, answer your phone calls, communicate with another motorcycle*, follow your GPS instructions and send vocal commands...

The Sharktooth Prime fits all helmets but is especially designed for the Shark Helmets that are Sharktooth ready.


  • Extra flat for more discretion,
  • Wireless hand-free kit for cellular phones,
  • Power high quality audio stereo sound with 32 mm speakers,
  • AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile) music control,
  • Motorcycle to motorcycle intercom,
  • Long life battery,
  • Voice command ready,
  • Waterproof.

    The SHARK SHARKTOOTH® PRIME will fit the following SHARK Helmets Models:

    • Race-R Pro Carbon
    • Race-R Pro
    • Spartan
    • Vancore
    • Skwal
    • Skwal 2
    • Explore-R
    • Evoline Series 3
    • Heritage
    • Drak
    • X-Drak
    • Street Drak