Shoei - J-Cruise 2 Aglero TC3 Helmet


Shoei - J-Cruise 2 Aglero TC3 Helmet

Shoei - J-Cruise 2 Aglero TC3 Helmet


R 12,299.00 

The Shoei J-Cruise 2 is a practical jet helmet.


  • helmet shell made of AIM ("Organic Fiber" and "Multifiber" in different layers for a shock absorbing shell with optimal stiffness)
  • multi-part, modular polystyrene core system (protection optimisation through polystyrene core elements with different degrees of damping)
  • CJ-2 pinlock visor (quick and easy to change)
  • micro ratchet closure system (easy handling, always perfectly adjusted)
  • QSV-2 sun visor (complies with DIN EN1836 for sunglasses)
  • 4 helmet outer shells of different sizes (for optimum fit and compact size)
  • removable and washable 3D-shaped centerpad (for a comfortable fit)
  • removable and washable cheek pads (for easy cleaning and individual fine adjustment thanks to different pad sizes (optionally available - not included in scope of delivery)
  • removable and washable chinstrap cover (for better care)
  • ear pads (for noise reduction)
  • prepared for Sena SRL intercom installation
  • multiple aeration and ventilation (for optimal ventilation)
  • inlets on forehead (for fresh air supply)
  • 2 outlets at the back of the head (to remove warm, stale air and prevent fatigue)
  • integrated spoiler (for aerodynamically optimized shape and convincing performance)


  • retention system: micro ratchet
  • visor type: CJ-2 Pinlock ready
  • sun visor type: QSV-2
  • weight: 1250 g (+/- 50 g)
  • approved to: EN22.05