SP Connect - Bike Bundle (Huawei)


SP Connect - Bike Bundle (Huawei) SP Connect - Bike Bundle (Huawei) SP Connect - Bike Bundle (Huawei)

SP Connect - Bike Bundle (Huawei)

SP Connect

R 849.00 

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The SP Connect Huawei Bike Bundle allows you to mount your smartphone to your bike in seconds.

Attach the Clamp Mount or Stem Mount to your bicycle and then you are ready to mount your SP Connect Phone Case  by placing it on the mount, ensure the mount is flush with the bracket and then twist 90 degrees clockwise.

Your Huawei smart phone is securely positioned and easily accessible to use activity tracking apps such as Strava, music playlists and podcasts, navigation, read messages or for indoor training on apps such as Zwift. 

The Weather Cover can be used to protect your phone from rain, dirt or dust and also offers additional shock resistance.


Phone Case

  • Slim, protective, functional
  • Use of all ports and buttons
  • 3-layer case construction for ultimate safeguarding
  • QI/Wireless charging remains possible

Weather Cover (not included in Universal)

  • Protects against rain, sweat, dust or mud
  • Adds shock resistance to your phone 

Clamp Mount

  • 360° rotation/ 6° increments
  • For diameters from 23-43mm (0.9-1.7 inch)
  • GoPro compatible

Stem Mount

  • Low profile stem cap attachment
  • GoPro compatible 

Note: Thick screen protectors or gloves can limit the usability of your touchscreen in combination with the Weather Cover. Images of phone cases may vary.