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Acerbis - Gravity 2 Chest Protector

Molded in an innovative nest-texture construction to increase ventilation and protection while reducing weight Plastics plates that adapt to the body, fi xed on the soft Bio-foam, to increase shock...
R 1,699.00

Acerbis - Jump MX Chest Protector

Innovative nest-texture for the plastic parts: ventilation and protection guaranteed. Solid plates enclosed in a soft memory foam for a better shock-absorbing protection. Front/Back protection and lower plate removable, to...
R 2,499.00

Acerbis - Profile Chest Protector

Comfortable and light, designed for riders between 160 cm and 185 cm tall. Protects the back and chest. Good ventilation. Shoulders are made of a soft material for more ergonomic...
R 1,099.00

Acerbis - Profile Evo 2.0 Kidney Belt

Stretch elastic waist band with double Velcro closure Triple stretch insert and TPU insert to follow and support the lumbar area Several mesh inserts for breathability Sizes: S/M = 1.060...
R 650.00
Alpinestars - A-1 Plus Chest ProtectorAlpinestars - A-1 Plus Chest Protector
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Alpinestars - A-1 Plus Chest Protector

An ultra-lightweight protective system offering excellent upper body protection against impacts and roost, the protector features front and rear hard shell plates backed with bio-foam padding for a secure and...
R 2,699.00
Alpinestars - A-1 Pro Chest ProtectorAlpinestars - A-1 Pro Chest Protector
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Alpinestars - A-1 Pro Chest Protector

The A-1 Chest Protector features a Level 1 CE and UKCA Certified Polyhedron Hybrid Technology chest and Polyhedron Technology back protector that offers unsurpassed Levels of ventilation, is super-lightweight and...
R 2,899.00
Alpinestars - A-1 Roost GuardAlpinestars - A-1 Roost Guard
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Alpinestars - A-1 Roost Guard

An ultra-lightweight and comfortable strap vest offering high levels of upper body protection that is CE certified (front guard) against impacts and roost the A-1 Roost Guard incorporates an innovative...
R 2,499.00
Alpinestars - A-10 Chest Protector
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Alpinestars - A-10 Chest Protector

With its revolutionary exoskeletal and contoured design the A-10 Full Chest Protector offers improved structural strength while its reduced material design and air channeling allows for optimized airflow as well...
R 3,675.00
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Alpinestars - A-4 Chest Protector

The lightweight A-4 Chest Protector offers high levels of upper body protection that is CE certified (front and back) against impacts, and incorporates thermoformed kidney protectors. The A-4 has an...
R 2,980.00
Alpinestars - A-6 Chest ProtectorAlpinestars - A-6 Chest Protector
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Alpinestars - A-6 Chest Protector

Designed to handle vigorous off-roading, the versatile A-6 Chest Protector incorporates highly ventilated Level 2 Cell technology protectors on the chest, back, and a removable flexible Level 1 protector on...
R 3,450.00

Alpinestars - Bionic Action Chest Protector

An ultra-lightweight protective system offering excellent upper body protection against impacts, this protector features an all-new chest protector complete with Cell Technology for ultra-light weight and optimum ventilation. The back...
R 3,150.00
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Alpinestars - Nucleon KR-2 Back Protector

The Nucleon KR-2 is an ultra-lightweight, premium adventure touring back protector CE certified Level 2 to the latest back protector standard revision and incorporating articulated vertebrae protection for superb performance...
R 2,199.00

Alpinestars - Nucleon KR-2i Hybrid Back Protector Insert

The Nucleon KR-2i soft back protector is quick and convenient to insert and fit unobtrusively within a rider's jacket or suit for the ultimate in comfort and safety protection. •Lightweight, flexible...
R 1,050.00
Alpinestars - Nucleon KR-Cell Back ProtectorAlpinestars - Nucleon KR-Cell Back Protector
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Alpinestars - Nucleon KR-Cell Back Protector

A light and flexible back protector that fits seamlessly under an outer garment, the Nucleon KR-Cell Protector offers excellent protection thanks to its innovative protective panels that incorporate an ergonomic...
R 1,999.00
Alpinestars - Nucleon KR-Celli Back Protection InsertAlpinestars - Nucleon KR-Celli Back Protection Insert
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Alpinestars - Nucleon KR-Celli Back Protection Insert

The extremely lightweight, CE-certified KR-CELLi Protector insert features an articulated back shell plate for flexibility and riding fit, plus an advanced micro-structure cell design for efficient impact energy absorption and...
R 1,150.00

Alpinestars - Saturn Kidney Belt

The lightweight and flexible Saturn Kidney belt is designed to provide comfortable support across the abdomen and lower back, helping to protect the internal organs against the physical forces sustained...
R 825.00

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