6D - ATS-1 Face Shields

Like Nothing Else. In development for nearly 3 years, the ATS-1 is the culmination of the exceptional engineering capabilities of the 6D team. The goal was to build the safest...
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AGV - Corsa R Helmet

AGV CORSA R E2205 motorcycle helmet. Designed for uncompromising performance on the track, it offers most of the Pista GP R’s features, but with a carbon-fiberglass shell and adjustable vents....
R 9,985.00
AGV - K-1 HelmetAGV - K-1 Helmet
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AGV - K-1 Helmet

K1 is the brand new AGV sport helmet for everyday riding challenges. Born from AGV racing technology, ready for every road experience. K1, an helmet for winners. The AGV K1...
R 2,950.00

AGV - K-3 Helmet

AGV K-3 SV E2205 motorcycle helmet. A helmet that reaches high levels of comfort, safety and aerodynamics. The K-3 SV is an affordable, adaptable helmet with a surprising array of features,...
R 4,150.00

AGV - K-5 Helmet

AGV’s latest version of this premium sport helmet now features a new construction for the inner liner, designed with high-performance fabrics and with no stitching in sensitive areas, making for...
R 7,250.00
AGV - K-5 Jet HelmetAGV - K-5 Jet Helmet
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AGV - K-5 Jet Helmet

By packaging most of the top details of the popular K-5 in an open-face version, AGV has created a high-performance, versatile helmet that’s equally at home for city riding or...
R 4,499.00

AGV - K-6 Helmet

The K6 is AGV’s new full face helmet which incorporates the best features of the sport and touring segment. Extremely versatile, it’s valid for all types of journeys on sports,...
R 9,299.00
AGV - Pista GP R HelmetAGV - Pista GP R Helmet
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AGV - Pista GP R Helmet

AGV PISTA GP R E2205 motorcycle helmet. The evolution of the groundbreaking Pista GP, the Moto GP helmet, it’s the most protective helmet ever developed. Its new “Biplano” spoiler and...
R 22,599.00
AGV - Sportmodular HelmetAGV - Sportmodular Helmet
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AGV - Sportmodular Helmet

Announcing the AGV Sport Modular Helmet. Step up to the flip-up of the future Compromise isn’t in our nature. So, we rewrote the rule book on flip-ups, creating the impossible...
R 13,350.00

AGV - X3000 Helmet

Historic shapes and colors meet modern design. The Legends helmets immortalize riders and achievements that will never be forgotten. Comfort, protection and ventilation are key elements of these helmets that...
R 6,650.00
AGV - X70 HelmetAGV - X70 Helmet
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AGV - X70 Helmet

AGV invented the fibre jet helmet back in 1954. Over time it has evolved and been superseded by the safer full-face helmet, though only in the racing world. But it...
R 3,299.00

Airoh - City One Helmets

City One is a High Resistant Thermoplastic (HRT) helmet available with two shell sizes and ideally suited to city riders who occasionally go on out-of-town trips. Its innovative features include...
R 2,499.00
Airoh - Commander HelmetsAiroh - Commander Helmets
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Airoh - Commander Helmets

COMMANDER: Master & Commander Choose your route, Commander will adapt to any scenario. Its innovative design lets you easily change its nature, passing from the peak and visor combination for...
R 7,599.00

Airoh - Executive Helmets

Executive is a modular High Resistant Thermoplastic (HRT) helmet with unique features. Its excellent performance and quality earned it a top raking among the modular helmets tested by the German...
R 3,450.00

Airoh - GP 550 S Helmet

  RACE - READY GP 550 S redefines the level of performance on the road and on tracks. Designed in the wind tunnel, tested by our riders and refined by...
R 6,999.00

Airoh - ST.501 Helmets

ST.501: Sport Touring full-powered With a tapered shell in HPC (High Performance Composite) available in 2 different sizes and an EPS set with variable density, ST.501 enhances the pleasure of...
R 5,350.00

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