Acerbis - Soft Elbow Guard (Youth)

Breathable and perforated technical fabric Curved construction to perfectly suit the anatomy of the elbow Silicon straps for maximum adherence Padded material around the vulnerable elbow areas EN 1621-1: 2012...
R 799.00
Alpinestars - A-5 S Body Armour (Youth)Alpinestars - A-5 S Body Armour (Youth)
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Alpinestars - A-5 S Body Armour (Youth)

The A-5 S Youth Body Armor offers improved structural strength while its grid structure and air channeling allows for optimized airflow as well as performance flex, ergonomics and weight saving....
R 2,699.00
Alpinestars - Bionic 5S Knee Brace (Youth)Alpinestars - Bionic 5S Knee Brace (Youth)

Alpinestars - Bionic 5S Knee Brace (Youth)

Innovative hybrid frames are constructed from a flexible composite over-injected with a high performance fiber reinforced polymer which provides optimal structural integrity and support while being ultra-lightweight and adaptive. •...
R 5,199.00
Alpinestars - Bionic Action Knee Protector (Youth)Alpinestars - Bionic Action Knee Protector (Youth)

Alpinestars - Bionic Action Knee Protector (Youth)

With ergonomically profiled protection held securely in position via a dual elasticated strap system, the Bionic Action Youth Knee Protector incorporates foam padding for rider comfort. The asymmetric and lightweight...
R 425.00
Alpinestars - Bionic Plus Elbow Protector (Youth)Alpinestars - Bionic Plus Elbow Protector (Youth)
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Alpinestars - Bionic Plus Elbow Protector (Youth)

Ergonomically profiled for an optimized youth fit and with Level 1 CE certified protection securely held in position via a dual strap closure system, the Youth Bionic Plus Elbow Protector...
R 599.00
Alpinestars - Neck Support (Youth)Alpinestars - Neck Support (Youth)
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Alpinestars - Neck Support (Youth)

Specially designed for youth or smaller framed riders the Youth Neck Support functions when the helmet and support frame provide an alternative load path for the excessive energy that compresses...
R 1,950.00

Alpinestars - Sequence Kidney Belt (Youth)

Developed and designed specifically for an optimized fit for younger or smaller-framed riders, the lightweight and highly ventilated Youth Sequence Kidney Belt offers excellent support across the lower back and...
R 650.00

Alpinestars - Sequence Neck Roll (Youth)

Designed and developed specifically for younger riders, the Sequence Youth Neck Roll is the starting point on a junior rider’s journey to the Bionic Neck Support. Ergonomically profiled for young...
R 995.00

Alpinestars - SX-1 Knee Protector (Youth)

The CE and UKCA certified SX-1 Youth Knee Protector helps reduce the risk and severity of a knee injury by preventing hyperextension of the knee in the event of an...
R 2,225.00

EVS - Bantam Roost Deflector (Youth)

Designed to fit your kid, the Bantam Roost Deflector offers all the protection of an adult piece sized for the little guy or gal. Bio-foam Construction –An impact absorption material...
R 850.00

EVS - Comp Suit (Youth)

The Comp Suit is an ultra-lightweight and breathable ballistic jersey that provides full upper body front & back protection for all day comfort. Flow Vents -Exterior venting provides additional air...
R 2,399.00

EVS - F1 Roost Protector (Youth)

The F1's lightweight, form fitting design hugs the rider's body. The removable back panel offers broad customization. Lightweight impact resistant injection molded construction Adjustable shoulders & removable backplate Click-Tec front...
R 1,799.00

EVS - Option Elbow Guards

Proven elbow protection at a great price point. Hard molded polypropylene shell Perforated bio-foam liner for increased breathability Tri-Y forearm strapping system provides greater support and reduces migration Extended forearm...
R 499.00

EVS - Option Knee Guards

The best-selling and cost conscientious knee pad of choice. Hard molded polypropylene shell Perforated bio-foam liner for increased breathability Full knee to shin coverage Reinforced TPR hinge system Asymmetric design...
R 525.00

EVS - R4 Neck Brace

DESCRIPTION The R4 is a lightweight, form fitting race collar offering protection against neck and collarbone injuries. The low profile design makes it a comfortable yet protective piece of gear...
R 2,199.00

Leatt - 2.5 Chest Protector (Junior)

Leatt 2.5 Chest Protector For Junior MTB/Moto Action Seekers CE Certified for safety, and designed specifically to protect young riders, this lightweight LEATT JUNIOR 2.5 HARD-SHELL CHEST PROTECTOR is equipped...
R 1,499.00

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