HELITE Motorcycle Airbag Technology

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We have been asked by many riders about the newly developed electronic airbag systems that are being released by motorcycle apparel companies. We urge all riders to do their research when choosing the right airbag system for you. Make sure the response time for triggering is less than 80 milliseconds or less. The amount of protection that the airbag offers is another very important thing to take a look at. Many new airbag systems do nothing to immobilize the head and neck in a crash. After the importance of the airbag shape, is airbag pressure. The optimum pressure for absorbing a forceful impact is 200 mBar. Helite has spent years researching the best airbag shape and perfect pressure to keep a rider from serious injury. They know that the lower torso is a vulnerable part of the body, and we make sure the Helite airbag is designed to protect it. Helite is the only airbag company that equips each airbag with Helite Turtle Technology. 

Helite has wireless systems being used in Olympic skiing suits, the elderly hip protectors, and more. We firmly believe that the mechanical system is the most reliable for motorcyclists and has the least amount of maintenance. No battery to charge every night and no electronics to turn on before each ride. 

Find a reset procedure that works for you. Mechanical systems reset with a CO2 cartridge anywhere. Most electronic systems have to be reset by the manufacturer and it is a costly process. 

Practical, lightweight and discreet, the Helite Vests and Jackets can save a rider from serious injuries. The Helite products guarantee the most optimum protection without sacrificing comfort. HELITE airbag protection can be worn by a rider, as well as a passenger, no matter if you ride a motorcycle, scooter, or ATV. Turtle Technology is a new airbag innovation from Helite. The highest level of safety for motorcyclists.


Reverse Components

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German brand Reverse have been designing and producing mountain bike components for over twelve years now, and have a comprehensive range of products. There’s a strong emphasis on hardware suitable for gravity and downhill use as well as lighter weight options to suit a trail bike. This brand sits up there alongside RaceFace, Easton, Renthal and Answer – well designed and engineered products with a solid reputation for reliability and a good dose of style.

With Nico Vink riding their kit it’s no surprise that Reverse have looked to him for input and as such put his name to a signature handlebar. A bar for serious gravity use that will take a real beating. In a similar way to UK brand Renthal, there’s a feeling of longevity in the hardware from Reverse – products that you can rely on in the long run. They don’t seem to be hiding behind any marketing gloss or hype.

Reverse work in close cooperation with the EFBE testing lab and their downhill team – Solid-Reverse Factory Racing.


This signature bar looked bang on to us and we fitted it to a test downhill bike without any reservations. A full 810mm width may be more than many riders want or need – but hey, a quick trim and you can suit yourself. At this width you need a bar that will give the control and ride quality for aggressive riding but without any undue flex or strength compromises. This 7075 aluminium bar is double butted and comes with a standard 31.8mm clamp size (that’s fine by us…) and in two rises – 35mm or a lower slung 18mm. The shape, with a 5° upsweep and 7° backsweep, is the same as the well regarded Renthal Fatbar; no bad thing at all. At 390g, it’s no featherweight but it will certainly go the distance even with the heaviest of riders on board.

Shape and dimensions of bars, along with grips, are a very personal choice, but we feel this aluminium Vink model is certainly worth considering, whether it’s an upgrade to an original equipment (OE) handlebar or a pre-season refresh on a well used DH bike. We ran these on a 2017 Kona Operator with a direct mount stem from Reverse.

Here are some test notes on this bar from Dirt’s Ieuan Williams:

‘From the stealth look to the 810mm width, this bar ticked all the boxes from the get go. Reverse have made this Nico Vink bar with a great shape that compliments everything I like about a downhill bike’

PRICE: €79.90


‘Our all-round weapon, suitable for XC to DH use with ample 770mm width and comfortable 25mm rise’ – these are the words from Reverse when describing this lighter weight, mid width aluminium bar.

A 4° upsweep and 9° backsweep gives a different shape from Vink’s signature model and with this bar running in at just shy of 300g it’s more suitable for a bike build that has an eye on a lower weight. Talking of custom builds, the Lead bar is available in various colours or as black with numerous tints to the graphics.

PRICE: €69.90


Reverse say they have built the Black-one stem ‘on the safe side’ – rather than trimming the size and weight down to a bare minimum. Aimed at the all-mountain and enduro rider, this stem will likely as not be paired up with a 780-800mm wide bar so stiffness is a priority. Reverse has opted for a wider bar clamp to help reduce twist. A 31.8mm clamp and 50mm length is standard fare these days and we’d certainly like to see a 35mm or 40mm length option and many riders will be looking for the larger 35mm bar clamp too. Maybe Reverse has these coming? At 144g this stem is not the lightest and sits mid pack at the weigh in. This is a solid and dependable stem with a good finish.

PRICE: €84.90


With a measurement of 145mm, these grips are noticeably wider than all the grips currently on the fleet of Dirt test bikes. These silicone grips have double lock-on clamps for security and are designed to give excellent traction in the wet (or dry…) and help damp down vibrations. Increased control is the aim here. many of us here at Dirt HQ have made a recent return to wider diameter grips in recent years and here Reverse offer this model in both 32mm and 34mm diameters. A good option to have.

Factors affecting arm pump come down to suspension design, frame sizing, bar and stem height, tyre pressure, rubber compound and fork settings, so it’s not a given that your grips will remedy a poor set up. We think it will come down to personal taste whether people like the Seismic Ergo or not – we certainly like the feel of the grips riding with and without gloves. The width and diameters are a good fit. We’d probably do away with the outward lock-on clamp to prevent your hands riding on metal but maybe a grip of this width need the double clamps to prevent twisting, especially on a DH bike? We’ll keep them fitted and give them a long-term test…

PRICE: €29.90


Stefan Garlicki joins the ACE team!

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Life after sport is always a touchy subject when it comes to professional athletes, however it is something that every athlete needs to think about at some point…


The older you get the more you start to realise that racing is not the be all and end all of life. The reality is that at some point every athlete will need to take a step back from competition. This does not mean that anything has changed in terms of desire and work ethic, it is just the reality of the situation. As for me personally I feel that I still have many great years ahead of me, however I am always on the look out for opportunities after racing, whether it be in or out of the industry. I love the mountain bike scene and it would be awesome to stay involved on some level after my career.

Recently a very good opportunity has presented itself in the name of ACE SPORTS DISTRIBUTION. This is a very young brand that is growing at a rapid pace. The company was founded by Adrian De Hutton and Anthony Raynard who have been heavily involved in the motocross scene for many years. Anthony is also still competing at the top level and in 2012 he secured a national championship title. It was passion for the industry that inspired the two to start Ace Sports late in 2014. It is a distribution as well as an online store which up until recently has focused on the off road motorcycle market. However, the company has now grown to the point where they are keen to expand and make a push into the cycling market.

This is where I come in, Adrian and I started chatting about my life after racing and the fact that Ace is going to make a push into the cycling side of things. The timing is just spot on and I think that me joining the Ace team will only be a positive in all aspects. Obviously for me my racing is still my number one priority at this point but I think getting involved at this stage will be a benefit in the long run. My connection to the cycling industry and brands will be a great way to get things going. To kick things off we are focusing on one of my current sponsors, REVERSE COMPONENTS. I have been running the products for the past 4 years and really believe 100% in the products which is crucial when trying to sell anything.

We already have our first shipment in stock so stay tuned to see when it hits the shelves! Now my role in the company still needs to be discussed and it will be a bit of a juggling act between racing and work. It will definitely need to be mainly online as I will be away for 5 months a year racing!

Coming back to life after racing, this is definitely something that can have a big effect on any athlete in whichever sport they are in and it can create added pressure to perform and prolong their career. However for me I don’t think it should be seen as a negative aspect but rather just a new chapter in life and something of excitement!

Oh and don’t think that I am over racing or anything of the sort, things have been a bit quiet on the racing side recently. BUT, not to worry because in 2 weeks I fly to Europe and the real action begins. I am more motivated than I have ever been to go racing and have my best season ever. I have a great group of people and brands around me and I am ready to make things happen. First race is World Cup round 1 in Lourdes, France on the 27th-30th of April, Stay tuned!

Until next time…

Written by Stefan Garlicki.

2017 SA MX National Round 1 – Rover MX, Port Elizabeth

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GAC Laser – Ace Sports Racing

Round 1 of the SA National Motocross Championship held at Port Elizabeth on Saturday, 18th February 2017.

The 2017 SA National Championship kicked off in PE last weekend. We had a fantastic pit area but had a long day of strong winds and a difficult, sandy track.

Neil van der Vyver - 50cc (#1)

Our champ started the year off in great form, winning both his heats to take the lead in 2017.

Josh De Hutton – 85cc (#40)

Josh had a very good first heat to finish 9th and in the second heat he got a 12th place for a very decent 10th place overall.

Luke Du Toit – MX 2 (#20)

Luke did not have a good day in the sand. PE is known to be our most difficult track because of the thick sand and Luke had a few falls which cost him a few positions but he will be ready to improve in the rest.

Keegan Barnard – Senior Support (#38)

Being in matric Keegan was not planning to do Nationals so we entered him into the Snr Support class which we unfortunately thought had a bit more competition. Keegan got caught in a crash on the first corner and was stone last. He got up and chased through the pack to win both heats. Next event MX 2 class.

Adrian De Hutton – MX 3 over 35’s (#7)

Adrian had a fun day in the sand and finished 2nd overall in his age group (45 49) so not bad at all.

Anthony Raynard – MX 1 / MX 2 (#23)

Anthony had four consistent heat races and always in the top of the pack, scoring good points going into the next round which is our home track and where Anthony is sure to take maximum points. MX1 - 4th overall & MX2 - 3rd overall.

Thank you very much to GAC Laser, Ace Sports and all our supporters for all their fantastic support, it is really appreciated.

Our next event will be Round 2 of the Zone 7 Club / Regional Championship in Cape Town on 4th March. Feel free to pop in and meet the team.



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Chain Monkey by Tru-Tension is a revolutionary chain tensioning tool, designed to enable precise chain tension for motorcycle and motorsport enthusiasts.

Our unique, internationally patented technology provides a fast, simple and accurate solution to quantified chain tension; improving performance, sprocket and chain life, alongside optimizing power delivery.


Chain Monkey is the world’s first tool designed to help you set the tension on your vehicle’s drive chain. The task of tensioning a chain can be a tedious and time consuming task, especially on motorcycles. But not anymore.

By using Chain Monkey, anyone can set their chain tension quickly, easily and with minimal knowledge of mechanics. From new riders through to experienced mechanics, Chain Monkey will simplify the task, improve performance and save you money through its revolutionary, internationally patented design.


Chain Monkey has been designed to aid anyone needing to check or adjust their drive chain’s tension, simply and correctly. It can be used by DIY maintenance beginners who want to take pride in conducting their own maintenance, while saving time and money in the process, right the way through to experienced workshops who complete the job on a daily basis and are looking for a way to increase productivity. By using Chain Monkey you show that you take maintenance and performance seriously.


Find Product Here:

6D Helmets’ Omni-Directional Suspension Bestowed “Best New Technology” by Motorcyclist Magazine’s 2016 MOTY Awards

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6D Helmets’ proprietary Omni-Directional Suspension (ODS™) system has been named Best New Technology in the coveted Motorcyclist MOTY Awards. The MOTY award is one of the most prestigious recognitions in the motorcycle industry that identifies truly game-changing motorcycles and products; and their influence on the market.

6D’s Omni-Directional Suspension technology exclusive in 6D helmets features a fully active, in-helmet suspension and kinetic energy management system. ODS™ reduces the transfer of angular and linear accelerations to the brain by means of its 3-dimensional displacement capability. Low-threshold energy compliance is also dramatically improved providing a more forgiving helmet over a much broader range of energy demands.

Motorcyclists editors comment “The helmet is a rider’s most important piece of protective equipment, and this year helmet technology took a massive leap forward thanks to 6D’s Omni-Directional Suspension.”

“It is a great honor to receive the “Best New Technology” award from Motorcyclist.” exclaimed Bob Weber, CEO and Co-Founder, 6D Helmets. “It proves that the motorcycle community recognizes and appreciates new technologies dedicated to rider safety.”

For more information on Motorcyclist’s “Best Of” picks, visit:

6D ATB-1T Trail Helmet Receives Top Honors at Interbike

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The 6D ATB-1T trail helmet has been named Mountain Accessory of the Year at the 2016 Interbike International Bicycle Exposition in Las Vegas, Nevada. Nominees were considered based on the level of innovation, overall design, construction, performance, and value.
The 6D ATB-1T is the world's first ¾ coverage mountain bike helmet utilizing 6D's revolutionary Omni-Directional Suspension™ (ODS™) technology. The ATB-1T reduces the transfer of angular acceleration by means of the 3-dimensional displacement capability of the ODS system.  Low-threshold energy compliance is also dramatically improved providing a more forgiving helmet over a much broader range of energy demands.
"This award is huge for us and only further validates all the hard work we are putting in everyday at 6D," said Bob Weber, 6D Helmets CEO and Co-Founder. "We couldn't have accomplished this without the dedication of our entire staff, our excellent vendor, and the staff over at Mountain Bike Action that nominated us."
6D's revolutionary  ATB-1T helmet is available at Six different styles are available in the initial release, with a special price of R3,999.00
The 2016 Interbike Awards were presented in more than 30 categories. Products nominated were chosen by the awards committee consisting of editors from within the industry.

2016 SA Motocross National Round 4 – Syringa, Johannesburg

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Round 4 of the SA National MX Championship took place on Saturday, 2 July in Muldersdrift, Gauteng. 

Well done to the Ace Sports team!

MX2 - Anthony Raynard 3rd overall 
MX1 - Anthony Raynard 5th overall 
85cc - Ike Klaasen (Racing overseas)
           Josh de Hutton (Injured)
65cc - Liam Lambert (DNF due to crash in heat 1)
50cc - Neil vd Vyver 1st overall 

We wish our team rider, Liam Lambert, a speedy recover after an accident in Heat 1 resulted in a broken tibia and fibula.

P/C: Eric Palmer

P/C: Eric Palmer

P/C: Eric Palmer

2016 SA Motocross National Round 3 – BORC, Bloemfontein

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MX2 - 3rd  Anthony Raynard 

MX1 - 3rd  Anthony Raynard 

MX85cc - 2nd  Ike Klaassen

                        Josh de Hutton  (Did not race due to injury)

MX65cc - 16th  Liam Lambert

MX50cc - 1st  Neil Van der Vyver

2016 SA Motocross National Round 2 – Zone 7, Cape Town

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P/C: James van Hinsbergen



MX2 - 1st  Anthony Raynard 

MX1 - 2nd  Anthony Raynard 

MX85cc - 2nd  Ike Klaassen

                4th  Josh de Hutton

MX65cc - 8th  Liam Lambert

MX50cc - 1st  Neil Van der Vyver