ASS MAGIC - Chamois Cream 200ml Tub

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ASS MAGIC Chamois Cream: Your Ultimate Anti-Chafe Solution

Experience superior comfort in your sports activities with ASS MAGIC Chamois Cream, the finest anti-chafe cream designed for your most sensitive areas. Crafted and tested by leading experts and athletes, this cream ensures every adventure is completed in comfort.

A Secret Blend of Essentials

Our secret mix of essential oils not only promotes personal hygiene but also provides superior anti-chafing protection through the incorporation of Lanolin and Synthetic Beeswax. Initially designed for cyclists, ASS MAGIC has evolved into a versatile anti-chafe solution for sportspeople across various disciplines.

How to Use ASS MAGIC

ASS MAGIC can be applied directly to your skin or to the chamois of your cycling shorts. When applying to your skin, avoid double-dipping! Use a clean hand to scoop about 5 to 10ml per ride and apply it to the areas of your rear in contact with the saddle.

Top Usage Tips

ASS MAGIC can also be applied to the chamois of your cycling shorts, focusing on the area in contact with your saddle. Moreover, you can apply ASS MAGIC to any other area where you have previously experienced chafing.

Aftercare Tips

For optimal hygiene, it is recommended that cyclists change out of their cycling shorts and shower as soon as possible after riding. This practice significantly reduces the risk of saddle sores and infections.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you're still experiencing discomfort during your rides, consider evaluating your saddle, bike setup, or cycling shorts. When testing these potential solutions, ensure to experiment with one change at a time to accurately identify the source of the problem. For more top tips, don't forget to check out our blog!

Upgrade your comfort with ASS MAGIC Chamois Cream and make every ride a truly magical experience!

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