Atlas - Carbon Neck Brace

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The Atlas – Carbon Neck Brace is the lightest neck brace that Atlas produces and gives riders unparalleled mobility, flexibility, and comfort that they will notice right away without even feeling the brace. The Atlas – Carbon Neck Brace weighs 580 grams and has greater functionality, and adjustability to provide riders with, as Atlas says, the “Holy Grail” of motocross neck braces. The New frame shape on the Atlas – Carbon Neck Brace gives it the flexibility that is 2.5 times more than the previous models, and the adjustability that this motocross neck braces allows a perfect fit for every rider to provide maximum comfort. The carbon fiber dirt bike neck brace is natural more rigid that others, but it has been lab test by Dynamic Research Inc. to have unparalleled advantages in flexibility and protection. The scientists put all of Atlas’s neck braces through strenuous and rigorous tests to prove that it will keep riders safe even in the gnarliest of crashes. Specifically designed to deviate the torsional and compressional impacts of a crash, the Atlas – Carbon Neck Brace will dissipate the forces that would naturally be transferred into the neck and spine and alleviate the riders potential for injury. Bigger isn’t necessarily better. The Atlas – Carbon Neck Brace is smaller than ever to increase its fitment, body contact (27% more), and its look while reducing its ability to move around. All it is smaller in size, the new and improved surface area increases its ability to spread out the harmful forces with enhanced comfort and support. Tough, lightweight, waterproof, and tear resistant, and available in a wide variety of colors to choose from, the Atlas – Carbon Neck Brace is a must have for motocross riders of any skill level.


  • Multi-weave carbon construction
  • Split-flex frame to promote mobility
  • Sits around the spine and sternum
  • 300mm of chest suspension
  • 27% more body contact vs competition
  • Easy Open release system 
  • 2 height adjustment options
  • Smart mounts - 6 possible adjustments
  • Hybrid strap - comfort + versatility
  • Weightless 580g (1.3 lbs) minimalist design
  • Available in 3 sizes- Small, Medium & Large
  • In the box: Air brace, tall shoulder pads, Hybrid strap, quick start guide, tape measure, sticker sheet

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