BST - Rapid TEK (Wheel Set)

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The new Rapid tek rims from BST confirm the position of this company as a world leader in the mass production of carbon composite fiber rims.

These exclusive and unparalleled carbon fiber rims are designed exclusively for single-arm bikes. Offering riders incredible performance thanks to the construction quality and materials used.

Lightness and constructive quality

The BST carbon fiber monocoque bike rim is extremely light, only 4.95 kg for both rims, all this translates into a very low rotational inertia, giving the rider a driving experience and a feeling with the satisfying bike.

The advantage of light weight means better maneuverability of the bike, and a more efficient trim, with an increase in performance both in acceleration and braking, reducing the space. All very positive features that give the rider a feeling of safety and greater comfort, which uses the bike in the street or on race circuit.

BST inserts an identification plate and a serial number which are affixed to the rims to guarantee traceability; (with a 20-year-old historian). Beyond the normal quality guarantee for a product with no imperfections. Typical procedures of the aerospace industries for quality control of the components intended for a "critical". The BST also provides rigorous testing to meet the most stringent safety standards.

BST is the only carbon rims manufacturer whose plant is certified by both control bodies ISO 9001: 2008 and TÜV German and whose products strictly comply with the homologation specifications JWL e DOT-E.

Features of the Front rim

  • Dimensions: 3.50x17"
  • Static load: 155 Kg
  • Resistance to impacts: 388 Kg
  • rotational inertia: 43.300 Kg*mm²
  • Approvals valid for the road and the runway. according to the rules DOT-E & JWL

Features of the Rear rim

  • Dimensions: 5.50x17"or 6.00x17"
  • Static load: 280 Kg
  • Resistance to impacts: 420 Kg
  • Rotational inertia: 37.300 Kg*mm²
  • Approvals valid for the road and the runway. according to the rules DOT-E & JWL

NOTE: Rear wheel sizes vary for different bike brands. Contact us for more info.

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