Cycra - Ultra Probend CRM Handguards ( 1 1/8")

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Product Description:

Cycra ULTRA Probend CRM Wrap Around Handguards: The all new ULTRA Probends combine the premium features of Cycra handguards that customers have come to love and depend on. Cycra has improved every aspect of the new ULTRA design and configuration. From its New CRM clamp, that provides maximum bite to secure the handguards and allows for superior clearance on a wider range of bars; to its brand new (patented) CNC billet machined bar, made from 6061 aircraft quality aluminum creating a varied wall thickness and slimmer profile. New shield design that takes cues from the iconic Cycra Enduro Hand Shield to a dramatic new form with better ergonomic profile, removable dual zone ventilation system, and integrated abrasion guard with slimmer profile. Also included, the new Powergrip Bar Ends with slotted barrel allows for a more secure bite than ever before.

Full Description:

TRADEMARK PROBEND DIP | Probend shape protects & dips at the outside end to allow freedom of mobility for your hands.
CENTER REACH MOUNTS [CRM] | Revolutionary designed CRM ULTRA clamps provide maximum bite to secure handguards and allows for superior clearance on a wide range of bars. New updates provide greater allowance for air fork top caps. .
PATENTED MOUNTING | CRM bar has a rise bent in to clear cables and hoses. Mounts to the handlebar hard up against the bar clamps where even tapered bars are straight. The clamps are beefy with large Allen bolts and a thick arm rising up to mount the Probend bar.
PATENTED CNC BAR | Machined from 6061 aircraft quality aluminum creating varied bar wall thickness for superior strength and slimmer profile. INDEX BOLT SYSTEM | Offers position options and while keeping the bars tight and secure. Low profile bolt head prevents cable snags.
NEW SHIELD DESIGN | The iconic "Cycra Enduro Hand Shield" has undergone a dramatic new design. Featuring a newly reformed ergonomic profile and shape. Enhanced with removable dual zone ventilation system on the top and bottom of shield. Allowing the rider to dial in amounts of ventilation and specific areas of protection. Advanced plastic design and injection molded construction produces a strong, rigid shield balanced with built in in flex zones.
NEW GRINDER DESIGN | Probend Abrasion Guards have undergone a new design of fit and coverage to maximize protection keeping your Ultra Probend CRM bars looking fresh.
POWERGRIP BAR ENDS | Slotted barrel allows for firmer bite than ever.
Note: Recommended for Enduro, Supermoto, and ATV applications

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