D.I.D - 520 ERVT Chain


D.I.D - 520 ERVT Chain

D.I.D - 520 ERVT Chain


R 1,350.00 

D.I.D has been manufacturing high-quality chains for motorcycle, mx and enduro for over 50 years. D.I.D chains are known for their extremely good properties in terms of both durability and low friction and they are used by many factory teams worldwide.

The 520ERVT is a high-performance, lightweight, low friction chain designed to meet the performance needs of Moto3 racing. Twice the wear resistance of original D.I.D 415 ER chains, and the 4,540 lb. average tensile strength is a 15% increase. Breaks down the concept of the original motocross chain (non-o-ring) and adds the benefits of an x-ring 2% lighter and 15% longer lifespan, all while maintaining the tensile strength. Designed for motocross. Distinctive gold-plated finish.


  • D.I.D.s high-performance O-ring chain
  • For engine displacement 125cc-750cc
  • Solid bushings for longest possible wear
  • Reinforced rollers for greatest impact resistance
  • Recommended for machines originally equipped with O-ring chains
  • Originally comes with clip connecting link
  • 120 links