Fastway - Air EXT Footpegs (Husqvarna/KTM)


Fastway - Air EXT Footpegs (Husqvarna/KTM) Fastway - Air EXT Footpegs (Husqvarna/KTM)

Fastway - Air EXT Footpegs (Husqvarna/KTM)


R 5,899.00 

The ultimate in peg technology, the Fastway Air EXT footpegs give you that next-level advantage over your competition. No longer will you need to be afraid of ankle injuries any longer, as the Fastway Air EXT Footpegs utilize an extension plate that allows you to lean back and blast through any whoop section with ease. Designed and sculpted from the best 2024 billet aluminum, the Pro Moto Billet engineers have come up with hard anodized peg that will last while improving the comfort of your ride. Superior in every way, the Fastway Air EXT Footpegs use an patented adjustable height, traction and camber options. Designed to shed mud and debris, the Air EXT pegs have a huge traction pad that uses 12 adjustable pegs plus the 6 on the extension plate, giving you 18 traction points for your boot. No need to worry about losing traction through rock gardens or across the desert at warp speeds. Put a set of Fastway Air EXT Footpegs on your bike and feel how safre riding can be!

  • Adjustable Height, Traction and Camber options.
  • Ankle Saver Technology.
  • Proudly built in the USA.
  • Made of 2024 Billet Aluminum.