Gibson - MX 4.1 Rear Tyre


Gibson - MX 4.1 Rear Tyre Gibson - MX 4.1 Rear Tyre

Gibson - MX 4.1 Rear Tyre


R 590.00 

Gibson Tyre Technology introduces the MX 4.1 rear tyre, using British design and development it is the perfect choice for mud, intermediate & hard conditions.

  • The Gibson MX 4.1 is the ultimate all terrain tyre. Its most suited to hard terrain but has been designed to perform just as well when faced with intermediate ground conditions, by offering a constant contact with the ground whilst still clearing the dirt with its engineered spacing of the block.
  • The MX 4.1 benefits from a larger radius at the bottom of the block for strength and durability , the lateral block has also been designed with crosslink technology to ensure durability and performance.
  • This tyre has been designed and developed to be used on hard conditions but still works incredibly well on intermediate conditions.