Gibson - Speedy Mousse

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Gibson Moutech, Speedy mousse brought to you by JJ. The speedy mousse is a patented design, brought to you by our Chief Technician, Mr Luigi Mazzoni, with a vast knowledge in the technical performance of the products, Luigi set about designing his very own concept for a mousse product, this product is a totally new innovation to the mousse world, allowing you to receive higher life span, and higher performance, without compromising either durability or performance at any stage. The patented design is simple, but highly effective, the circle rings around the mousse do a number of different things, they allow the mousse to find traction where other mousses would not, the cut outs offer another biting point besides the tyre, when faced with extreme terrains that need a special solution for finding traction , the circle rings also offer higher mousse lube retention, due to the rings sitting back from the surface of the tyre the lube stays put, and each time pressure is applied to the ring area it leaves behind a little layer of lube, instead of building up excess friction between the tyre and the mousse, the mousse lube (or talcum powder) is vital part of the life span of the mousse. The circle rings also allow the mousse to have two different hardness settings, 16 rings are suited for soft to medium ground, and 8 rings offer superb traction upon medium to hard terrain, this development in mousse technology will improve your lap times, and keep moving you forwards. Finally, the compound is extremely light, over 1KG lighter than competitors, with low rebound properties, and high shock absorbance properties, the products are produced in Italy, with the latest technology for rubber foam materials.

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