Helite - GP Air Vest

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Airbag Technology
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For the highest level of safety for any motorcyclists Helite introduces the Helite GP Air Airbag Track Vest. Practical, lightweight and discreet with an all new aerodynamic design and flexible fit, the GP Air Track Vest has been specially developed for the race track.

While continuing to protect any rider wearing it from serious injury, the design of the GP Air focuses on aerodynamic design while making space for your suit's hump. This vest guarantees optimum protection without sacrificing comfort. The airbag system boasts full protection covering your head and neck, spine, chest, ribs, pelvis, pancreas, liver, lungs, etc. with a full-inflation time of under 80-milliseconds when deployed. That makes it the fastest mechanically triggered airbag system on the planet.

The GP Air Track Vest utilizes Helite's patented TURTLE technology with one exception: the TURTLE effect has been DOUBLED! Not only does the back of the vest have protective armor. The front of the GP Air has integrated body armor as well! This means an even higher level of protection than ever before.

Airbag offers full protection, absorbs impact and stabilises the whole upper body - back, neck, spine, chest, ribs, pelvis, head, pancreas, liver, lungs, etc.  

FAST INFLATION time of under 75 milliseconds.

Excellent protection with "Turtle" technology - Front and back armour for a double Turtle effect!  The Turtle Technology is similar to a helmet - hard shell outside, soft material inside.  This innovation is a huge protection improvement.Shock absorption and distribution is considerably higher and it also protects from intruding objects.

Aerodynamics.  The GP Air was designed and tested on race tracks by racers for racers!  Tight body fit with sketchy sides - space for the suit's hump.

Reconditioning.  Quick and easy (under 5 minutes) to replace the cO2 cartridge by the rider.

Mechanical trigger system.  Helite airbag  equipment are 100% mechanical to avoid unexpected airbag activation and changing batteries.

Customisation.  Zipper access to stitch the logos of your sponsors.

CE Certification.  GP Air is certified by the external laboratory CRITT Sport, the French specialist for objectively testing personal protective equipment (PPE).

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