Mitas - E-10: On/Off-Road


Mitas - E-10: On/Off-Road Mitas - E-10: On/Off-Road

Mitas - E-10: On/Off-Road


R 1,905.00 

Developed as a universal Dual Sport tyre. This multi-purpose tyre is highly adaptable, enabling it to be used in a wide range of environments from sandy desert races to surfaced roads. The tread provides good traction during off-road use and excellent on-road stability at high speeds. Thanks to its superb durability and its high degree of adaptability to various environments, the E-10 is an ideal choice for long haul expeditions and off-road sports use and is an ideal choice for big bore adventure dual sport bikes. All sizes will be available as tubeless type and offers a "T" speed rating (190 km/h).