Motobatt - MPL51814-HP Lithium Battery

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Motobatt’s innovative internal design is manufactured to overcome the added load from things like hard wired headlights often seen in motorcycles.
Claims are often made by different manufacturers regarding cranking capacity, where on fact, there is little advantage to be had from a battery that cranks harder than what is required to start the bike. Battery design on the other hand is always a payoff. The more cranking you have the less Amp Hour capacity you get, and vice versa. What feature is paramount, is the ability for that battery to withstand repeated attempts to start the bike and how quickly it can recover.

Motobatt Batteries are an improvement on the more conventional design, boasting more lead and less filler which means more available power – Making them ideal for high load, high stress applications.
Whether you’re starting a big V-Twin, Trail Bike or Road bike, a Motobatt AGM Battery won’t leave you stranded!


  • Around 3x lighter than conventional lead acid batteries and produce much greater power and performance
  • Strong starting currents. Providing reliable, repeated starts in a wider variety of conditions.
  • Very low idle discharge. Can retain charge for over a year of inactivity.
  • Estimated Life expectancy of 2000 cycles. As opposed to around 500 cycles with a typical Lead Acid battery.
  • Short recharging time. 6 minutes for up to 90% charge.
  • Cell Balancing Circuit (CBC). This is a feature that many competitor lithium batteries don't have. It provides superior performance and extended battery life by balancing the battery cells while the battery is in use and preventing a single depleted cell causing thermal runaway.

Motobatt Pro Lithium batteries require different care and maintenance from standard lead acid batteries. Always use a charger designed for use with lithium batteries. Warranty will be voided by use of any other type of charger.
Motobatt Pro Lithium batteries are high performance starting batteries. They are not suitable for use where there is a parasitic drain on the battery, e.g. hot grips, alarms, clocks etc.


  • Capacity: 5Ah (370CCA)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): L: 7.32 (186)  W: 3.22 (82)  H: 6.73 (171)
  • Terminals: 2, M6x2.5 (Part#MPT2)
  • Screws: 4, M6x7 (Part#2xMPS2)
  • Allen Wrench: 1, 4x4 (Part#MPAK2)
  • Terminal Caps: 4, 12x5.5 (Part#2xMPC2)
  • Case Color: Yellow
  • BMW K75, R50/60, R1100/1150GS, RT

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