Motul - 300V Factory Line Road Race 15W50

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The Motul 300V 4T FL Road Racing 15W-50  is a syntehtic motorbike engine oil. The 300V Factory Line uses the Ester Core Technology to reach the extreme requirements of racing sports. The Motul 300V 4T FL Road Racing 15W-50 wears the same attributes and overreaches the JASO & API standards. The Motul 300V 4T FL Road Racing 15W-50 showed his excellent perfomance attitude during the MotoGP, SuperSports and other racing events. Despite the focus onto racing sports, the Motul 300V 4T FL Road Racing 15W-50  is also ideal for motorbikes and ATVs which were used for daily driving. The higher 15W-50 viscosity grade of that motorbike engine oil enables a smoother gear performance during high temperatures. Additionally it has an active wear protection.

  • application: Racing - Factory Line
  • engine type: 4-stroke
  • vehicle type: motorcycle / street bike
  • quality: 100 % synthetic, ESTER Core
  • viscosity: 15W50
  • OEM approvals: above existing standards of JASO and API, wet clutch compatibility checked on JASO T903 Annex A. test

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