Pirelli - Mousse Tubes


Pirelli - Mousse Tubes Pirelli - Mousse Tubes

Pirelli - Mousse Tubes


R 2,599.00 

A mousse is a 3-D circular element made of particular foam cells which can replace conventional inner tubes in off-road motorcycle tires: technically speaking, it’s a ring of butyl honeycomb foam with its cells filled with gas that simulates air pressure. Thanks to its structure, the mousse provides maximum resistance in extreme off-road conditions. Characterized by the presence of self-pressurizing agents capable of creating a very large number of gas bubbles inside the mousse, making the product immune to punctures. When new, the mousse is equivalent to an inner tube inflated to 0.9 bar (equivalent to approximately 13 PSI). This pressure declines gradually along the life of the mousse, which must be replaced when it becomes too soft.
  • Each Pirelli Mousse comes in a box with a tube of mounting gel.
  • When installing or reinstalling a Pirelli Mousse, it must be lubricated using mounting gel.
  • For off-highway use only.
  • Designed for use with Pirelli tires on off-road surfaces.