POD - K4 2.0 Knee Brace (Youth)


POD - K4 2.0 Knee Brace (Youth) POD - K4 2.0 Knee Brace (Youth) POD - K4 2.0 Knee Brace (Youth)

POD - K4 2.0 Knee Brace (Youth)


R 6,999.00 

POD’s new patented and medically certified K4 Knee Braces offer an affordable alternative to knee guards and are clinically proven to reduce the prevalence and severity of knee injuries.

  • The intensity of modern sport places the human knee at significant risk which is why we developed our own Synthetic Ligaments™ to reduce the strain on yours.

  • Inspired by the human body, our patented Human Motion® technology uses the power of Synthetic Ligaments™ engineered from Vectran Fibres™ (5X stronger than steel) to provide progressive, multidirectional motion control.

  • The New POD Hinge Housing provides smooth contact surface against your knee avoiding abrasion and delivering new levels of comfort, performance & reliability.

  • CE impact tested & certified Full Coverage guards protect against impacts, handlebar strikes, plus enhance comfort when kneeling.

  • The impact guards are easily removable to convert the brace for multi-sport use.

  • The K4 Knee Brace has been certified as a medical device to help prevent leg and knee injuries such as ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL, Rotary and Combined instabilities.