Resettable Tach Hour Meter


Resettable Tach Hour Meter Resettable Tach Hour Meter

Resettable Tach Hour Meter


R 449.00 

Count hours and RPM for 1,2,4 stroke engine. Total hours resettable. Maintenance reminder service.

· Track the Service Life of Your Engine - oil changes, valve, adjustments, spark plugs, etc... 
· Easy Installation - No Battery Required - cable connects to spark plug wire. 
· Works on Any Gasoline Engine. 
· When engine is on,display current RPM,when engine is off,display total running hours.
· Records and Displays to 99999 hours/60000 RPM.
· Maintenance reminder time can be set freely.
· Self programmable or user set 1, 2, 4, stroke engine, or hour meter only.
· Total hours can be reset to zero.
· Stand-by time up to over 25,000 hours.
· 100% epoxy encapsulated casing resists water. Shock, stand fire of 85 Celsius degree.
· Warranty one year.