SHORAI - LFX Lithium Powersports Battery (LFX36L3-BS12)

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6Ah 13.2V, 79.2WHr, Split two units, "L" polarity, Case Type 3
Lighter, Stronger, Better! Shorai LFX™ batteries deliver more energy faster, with less weight than any other brand or technology available on the market today. Shorai LFX™ weigh as little as 20% of the orignal-equipment battery, and do not suffer the chemical sulfation that kills lead acid batteries as they sit untended. The batteries are easy to install, and have the same charge requirements as lead-acid types. Typical motorcycle charging systems range from 13.7V to 14.8V output voltage. Shorai LFX 12v series require a minimum charging voltage 13.1V or higher at idle, and must not exceed 15.2V charge maximum.
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